A little bit about Me and how MiniMess was born ....

I am a qualified Montessori teacher, Empowered Parenting trainer and mum of 3 beautiful children.  My time teaching in one of the most respected Montessori schools in london and teaching in Africa elevated my passion and taught me all i know about the joys of being with children, the importance of freedom, independence and trust. 


While on maternity leave I stumbled across a messy play group, so simple and so invigorating!.....I then incoporated elements from the Montessori philosophy and my 5 years of teaching....... MiniMess was born.  


MiniMess is a 1 hour class where your child can explore boundless oppitunites of messy fun.  We as adults are there to help facilitate their messy play.  There are 4 trays that will change every week, ample wall space to paint, draw, stencil, spray, clean and magnet boards for story telling, and a story will be read at the end of the session.


MiniMess will provide:

  • The freedom to choose

  • The freedom to repeat

  • Refine fine and gross motor skills.

  • Use all their senses to discover and explore their environment

  • Develop self-confidence and work co-operatively and collaboratively

  • Develop their imagination, creative thinking and ability to problem solve.





"Minimess is a creative, exciting and innovative opportunity for our little ones to get messy, explore different textures and have loads of fun. Rebecca is super talented and this is by far the best group you can take your kids to."


"Just did a trial class...my 1 year old loved it! Really great class, not like any of the other classes around. Will be signing up to come every week."



"Way too much fun for everyone!
My two daughters aged 3 and 10months didn't want to leave!"


"My antenatal friends and I celebrated our kids' first birthday at Minimess and we had so much fun! Rebecca explained it all in great detail at the beginning and was so amazing seeing the kids trying out the different stations. Would definitely recommend it as such a good activity which you don't have to clean up after at home!"


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